These are the poems that will appear in the August issue 99 of OBSESSED WITH PIPEWORK

Liz Adams Monday,
Cindy Botha Fledged, Night-lights,
Lorraine Carey Scarves,
Yuan Changming Directory of destinies,
Susan Tak Chiu Chessell Pomegranate arils,
A C Clarke Twitching,
Holly Day Invitations to a murder, Negotiations over lunch,
Matthew Duggan Firewood, Our fingers became string to build more rope,
Paul Fenn It’s your funeral, Over the net, Pegged,
Sally Festing Skylarking,
Pam Gormally Some doubts, Tardy, Urban landscape, Will,
Natascha Graham War’s orphan & the sound of silence, Weather for the blind,
Ann Heathcote And I will plant my garden with red gladioli, She has no religion,
Barbara Hickson Parallel, The sleeper and the selenophile,
Hilaire A daydreamer washes the dishes, What would success look like?,
Jenny Hockey Love charm for lost children,
L Kiew Cut fruit, Ivy in the garden,
John Lynch Technical drawing, Voices,
Shirley Nicholson That moment, The blackbird that did not sing, Floodwater,
Marion Oxley A dog named Eris, In Pursuit of stardust,
Miriam Patrick Fast and furious,
Marg Roberts Unexpected,
Paul Stephenson In praise of the Upstairs family, The calling, Tuesday’s fainting in Loblaw’s Bakery,
Michael W Thomas Yes,
John Tustin Atheism,
Rod Whitworth Late, Memory,
Merryn Williams I saw my rival , Simulacrum, The gatekeeper,
Roddy Williams Postcard from Avondale Park.

May OWP almost ready to post

“OBSESSED WITH PIPEWORK” – the May (Beltane) issue 98 is almost ready to send out to subscribers & contributors.
Here is the contents list:-

John Arnold: Murnau Garden, Fire at full moon;
C.M. Buckland: Dressing up box;
Julie Burke: Picking, Do urban gulls dream of the ocean?;
Nancy Charley: A lesser light to govern the night;
Amanda Coleman White: Digging for stars, Into the pot;
Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana: Bickerton’s Way, The Japanese gardener;
S. C. Flynn: Omens;
Linda Goulden: Backwater, Spring, almost, What to do on a beach;
Robert Hamberger: Group of Bathers, On first looking into Alvarez’s ‘The New Poetry’, Millbeck;
Audrey Henderson: Fair Isle, My mother looked like Ava Gardner;
Simon Kew: Drift netting;
Margaret Joy Livingston: The afterlife of Echo, It’s a little-known fact that my mother was a changeling, A good night for flying;
John Lynch: A cup of tea, Storytime, I wanted logs from my father;
Gemma Mills McGrath: Alcina, Moon, Dark clouds over Oldham, Pantry love (Olbers’ Paradox);
Ivan McGuiness: Abstract, Brass bookends, The manger;
Mike Mcnamara: What was it?
Dan Raphael: Without a thermostat;
Maggie Reed: Juxtaposition, Visit Morecambe, Yarmouth;
Daniel Richardson: First thing Monday morning, Innocent acrobat
Sarah Salway: Second flowering, Stone Star;
Alex Toms: The lost wives of Candy Island
Joan Thorley: Questions about breakfast;
Christian Ward: Sea fishing, Starfish, The day…;
Howard Wright: Please alight here, Arrivals, Force of habit;
Alessio Zanelli: Why

OWP 97 (running late)

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER , the next issue of OWP is almost ready to go to the printers. Here is the contents list:-

Stephen Bone: Apple, Camaraderie of the Traffic Jam, Clean break.

Vuyelwa Carlin: Arachne, Eurydice, Narcissus.

Christine Curtis: Extreme Housework, I’m getting too old for this, The Angel of the City.

Peter Datyner: Socks for gloves.

Fiona Donaghey: Are you an alchemist or a person? Lonely slowly moving.

Elaine Dunn: All the colours, Astro-logic, The four seasons of a poem, The reasons.

Andy Eycott: On such a sunny day.

Annie Fisher Mountain Lion, Rejoice in the Lambs.

Juliet Fossey Clacton-on-Sea, Composting the Thesaurus.

George Freek: I stare into the darkness, So many unknowns.

Mandy Haggith: Remembering Brisbane, Rimu tree.

David Heidenstam: Et in Arcadia Ego, Where you live.

Claire Louise Hunt: Furloughed, The last supper.

Sue Kauth: Evening Meal, Pursuit.

Michael Laskey: At Home.

Cheryl Pearson: Superstition.

Ann Preston Oxford Botanic Garden 34

Michael Pullman: Road runner, Military planners deploy AI . . .

Martin Reed: A Picture of Burnham-on-sea, Lesson Plan, Soundtrack.

Gwen Sayers: a forest witch passes, Bird Call, Notes from a Centaur’s Curator, Seascapes at the Interface, Winter Tides.

Fiona Sinclair: Future Conditional, Snow.

Simon Wilson: Another life, The murder of Don Quixote


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Issue number 96 of Obsessed With Pipework magazine is about, just in time for November: a fortuitous coming together of unexpected poems about – being black and white; doing God’s work driving an imaginary double-decker and elsewhere; fleeing tennis on the Underground; being naked. Poets here are delivering pizza; trying not to drown; trying to drown a parent; finding themselves; losing themselves; becoming a boat; becoming a snail . . . and much more that I can’t find better words to describe than the poets’ own. Read them and become both wonderfully entertained and more deeply human.

Don’t forget: if you subscribe to OWP at the moment (£15 for a year’s four issues to a UK address – email for details) you will receive as a free bonus Judy Tweddle’s new pamphlet ‘Bring Back an Elephant’

Here’s the contents list

Emily Barker – Portrait of girl and horse; Tulip bulb soup. Val Binney – Boats in the Night. Stephen Bone – Grandmother. Beth Brooke – The Bees of Notre Dame; Vestiges. Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana – Clarty, New Year’s Eve 2020; Home; In my King-Size Oak Furnitureland; Bed at 2.27 a.m; Something Happened. Hélène Demetriades – Whitegates (I). Maurice Devitt – The Magic of Wood. Tim Dooley – An Old Tale. Helen Evans – Immortal. ;David Goldstein – God Slot In this world . . . ; In time. Tanni Haas – After the Funeral. David Harmer – That afternoon we found ourselves abandoned. Robin Helweg-Larsen – Hunting. Susan Holland – Drying Green. Liverworts of the Atlantic Rainforest. D R James – Only this, Just In. Ciaran McDermott – Left Turn at Kulgera Roadhouse. Cara L McKee – Sunflowers. Julie Maclean – Brides of Boogie; Right of Way; Second Amendment. Vicki Morley – Disappearance at Court 1609. Kerry Priest – Cursory Pastoral Rivelin Triptych; Slice of Life. Victoria Pugh – Declaration of love; Sitting in judgement; The spark. Geoff Sawers – Invisible City. Thea Smiley – Life. Sheila Spence – Sonata. Sue Spiers – Golden. John Tustin – Ragtime. Wes Viola – Atum; Leopard. Irene Watson – The Female Gaze. J S Watts – Hollow Man; Too Far Away. Roddy Williams – And there is the corner; Cold War Co-ops; Metamorphosis; The District Line.

Bring Back An Elephant – straight from the press!


We’re excited to reveal the first pics of the new Flarestack title, Judy Tweddle’s elegant poemella (poems+novella), available with a new or current subscription of our quarterly poetry magazine Obsessed With Pipework, or £4.

Bring Back An Elephant by Judy Tweddle is a foursome reel, a gorgeous collage of individual poems connected by a persuasive narrative imbued with wisdom: Lawrence can’t paint but runs an art gallery; Elizabeth can and captures his heart. Beryl pieces things together and enjoys spreadsheets. Miriam finds her way as she goes blind. There is a stone elephant from Mahabalipuram. Two, in fact.

Having sorted through a lifetime of photographs, Judy Tweddle cut a circle from the ones she liked best and framed them. She found the resonances and juxtapositions pleasing. She realised that the same principle could work with her novel in progress.  It is a tale of loss, perseverance, and loyalty. With dancing.  

To buy your copy for £4:  go to or use account name Mr C H Johnson & the reference: Alternatively, make a BACS payment/credit transfer to Flarestack Publishing Starling Bank account 60-83-71 34031111.

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Bring Back An Elephant


This August subscribers to “Obsessed with Pipework” new poetry quarterly will receive a free copy of Judy Tweddle’s poem pamphlet “Bring Back an Elephant” with the August issue 95. Copies will be available to non-subscribers at £4 – cheques payable to Flarestack Publishing to OWP, 8 Abbot’s Way, Pilton, Somerset BA4 4BN, please; bank transfer to HSBC account 40-38-07 Flarestack Publishing 21438875 – or why not take out a year’s UK subs for £15?