OWP Submission Guidelines

Publication dates are early in the months of February, May, August and November, more or less (but for no particular reason) coinciding with the festivals of Imbolc, Beltane, Lugnasadh and Samhain. The magazine does not operate a submissions window – we welcome at any time offers of up to six original & unpublished poems written in English from anyone. Accepted poems that ‘miss’ a given issue of the magazine are simply rolled on for the following issue. Space on the Contributors’ page is at a premium so, if you wish to appear there, let your included bio note be succinct but tell readers something interesting about yourself, not just list magazines you’re in.

Although hard copy submissions are acceptable, we prefer to get your poems as a Word attachment. Email them to owpeditors@outlook.com – please use single spacing, minimal formatting and Times New Roman 12 point, avoiding frames, columns and text boxes. RTF is good. We frown on simultaneous submissions.

If sending work by post, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope big enough to take all the poems (C5 or larger), in the absence of which expect no reply unless your poems are absoLUTEly brilliant. Address snailmailed submissions to:

Charles Johnson & Katerina Neocleous

OWP 8 Abbot’s Way


Somerset BA4 4BN

Our poetic likes and dislikes: the editors tend to favour work that may be unsure of itself but is willing to explore untried creative directions. Criteria include authenticity, humanity & the attempt to take off. Predictability, dogma and wordiness will almost always be rejected. We prefer dreams to deathbeds, and please be didactic only if you are being ironic. In our view a poem is a sharing not of an opinion but of a perception. Since we only publish poems we like, poets would be wise to look at a recent copy of OWP before offering us their work.

AUGUST ISSUE: going to bed

Obsessed With Pipework issue 87 is in the hands of St Andrews Press & should be hitting doormats in a week or so.

Here is the contents list:

Sheila Aldous: Ravel; Cogs; Electrified

David Burl: Café Noir

Susan Darlington: Tiger Lilies; Winter’s Child

Annie Fisher: Insurance plan

Jean Harrison: An arm round the shoulders; Holiday Flat in Madeira

Mary Hastilow: Spell of Weather; Cotton Mill Piecer as Pipistrelle

Ceinwen Haydon: Dismissed; Beyond Brecon

Jonathan Humble: Slow Move to Fall; Still Life

Lucy Ingrams: Apple

Sue Kindon: Coumbière; Learning to Fly; Mismatch; Silver Birch; The Flame Juggler at the End of the Holidays

Ayelet McKenzie: More daffodils; The girl; Today

David Medd: Gansey; His Poems

Katerina Neocleous: The Conscript’s Report

Robert Nisbet: First Smoke, First Light; Weekend

Carolyn Oulton: I may be inappropriate in social situations; Stars to Rain by

Jean Riley: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Philip Rush: Sparrowhawk; The Colour of Shadows

Penny Sharman: Carew; There was no possibility of taking a walk that day; When it falls

Mark Sorrell: The sheep clipping

Michael W. Thomas: There

Howard Wright: Other Furniture

Stella Wulf: Eating Risotto with Dylan Thomas; Listening to Trees; Refugee Moon

Lee Clark Zumpe: scapegoats; she has cancer

(It will feature knockout new cover artwork from our resident visual genius Graham Higgins, but we are keeping that under wraps until after subscribers & contributors have seen it. If you get in quick with a subscription, you can be among the lucky recipients! See subs details elsewhere on this site)

Issue 86, May 2019

OWP cover art issue 86

Cover art by Graham Higgins, inspired by images from the poems in issue 86.

Here is a list of the poets and their poems:

Josie Alford: An Awfully Big Adventure;
Widemouth Bay
David Ball: The Diaries;
The Professional Writer
Ciaran Buckley: The footsteps;
The last god to leave
Louisa Campbell: Does it Jiggle?;
Kitty Coles: Collared Dove;
Claire Crowther: Sibyl at the School Gate;
Street Masters of Edinburgh
Elaine Dunn: Connoisseur of puddles;
Jackie Fellague: Carpe Diem;
Going over the mountain
Robert Hamberger: Blue wallpaper
Robin Houghton: Seeing the Small Picture;
The Metallurgy of Eddie Van Halen
Eve Jackson: From the Back Seat;
Peter Kenny: Thunderstruck
L Kiew: Bam;
The magic pudding;
Michael Laskey: I gave her a pound;
What to Expect When You
Become a Window
Alan Lock: The Obvious room;
Katerina Neocleous: After Beatrice
John Newson: Snow;
Towan Beach
Stuart Pickford: The Problem with Blue
Roddy Williams: The Coping Head

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