Graham Higgins

Graham is OWP’s cover artist extraordinaire, creator of a gallery of illustrations that each responds in its own way to notes I send him of either a given issue’s poem titles or else visual images occurring in the poems themselves. 

One day I hope a book of pictures may come of it, but in the meantime here is a random selection of his recent masterpieces:

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Spoon on the Tracks

This is the cover of the forthcoming May 2017 special issue 78 of OWP, consisting of forty-four poems that relate (in an almost unbelievable variety of ways) to spoons & to Christine Miserandino’s ‘spoon theory.’

This one-off themed issue had its genesis in Jane Burns’ photo of a lonely spoon, spotted on the tracks at Prudhoe Station, that she posted on Facebook last November.

Correspondence shedding light on the project can be found on the Facebook page Spoon on the Tracks, as well as on our own “Obsessed With Pipework” page.