Two weeks to being 21

provisional November OWP contents (guess the order):-

Ali Pardoe: Climate Change,

On the Cusp.

C M Buckland: Return.

Cath Campbell: Across the Divide.

Ceinwen Haydon: Multiples of love,



Kerry Darbishire: Apology to a Spider,


Elaine Dunn: Jessica dreaming,

Sunday lunch.

Jackie Fellague: Crack of Dawn,

Sursum Corda,

The Valley Pocket Gopher’s Tale,

Waltz of the Teliospores.

Judith Shaw: Earthquake.

Maria Castro Dominguez:Hotel Solitude.

Mark Sorrel: Shepherding.

Martin Zarrop: Another Experiment with an Air Pump, Turn Round When Possible.

Oonah Joslin: Marree Man.

Pamela Johnson: Aeronautics,

In Marrakech,

Nosey Parkers,

The Lid.

Philip Dunkerley:Ontogeny,


Sam Smith: Bird Poem Reading.

Sarah Sibley:Easterlies,


House on the Hill,

Kettles Lake,

School Assembly.

Sue Kindon: Bomb Site off the Anlaby Road,


Magic Visible,

New Ager,

On Safari.

Susanna Harding: Attic, Jesus Lane, 2nd Year,

Clear Out,


The Southing of the Sun.

Tim Dooley: Yellow.