AUGUST ISSUE: going to bed

Obsessed With Pipework issue 87 is in the hands of St Andrews Press & should be hitting doormats in a week or so.

Here is the contents list:

Sheila Aldous: Ravel; Cogs; Electrified

David Burl: Café Noir

Susan Darlington: Tiger Lilies; Winter’s Child

Annie Fisher: Insurance plan

Jean Harrison: An arm round the shoulders; Holiday Flat in Madeira

Mary Hastilow: Spell of Weather; Cotton Mill Piecer as Pipistrelle

Ceinwen Haydon: Dismissed; Beyond Brecon

Jonathan Humble: Slow Move to Fall; Still Life

Lucy Ingrams: Apple

Sue Kindon: Coumbière; Learning to Fly; Mismatch; Silver Birch; The Flame Juggler at the End of the Holidays

Ayelet McKenzie: More daffodils; The girl; Today

David Medd: Gansey; His Poems

Katerina Neocleous: The Conscript’s Report

Robert Nisbet: First Smoke, First Light; Weekend

Carolyn Oulton: I may be inappropriate in social situations; Stars to Rain by

Jean Riley: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Philip Rush: Sparrowhawk; The Colour of Shadows

Penny Sharman: Carew; There was no possibility of taking a walk that day; When it falls

Mark Sorrell: The sheep clipping

Michael W. Thomas: There

Howard Wright: Other Furniture

Stella Wulf: Eating Risotto with Dylan Thomas; Listening to Trees; Refugee Moon

Lee Clark Zumpe: scapegoats; she has cancer

(It will feature knockout new cover artwork from our resident visual genius Graham Higgins, but we are keeping that under wraps until after subscribers & contributors have seen it. If you get in quick with a subscription, you can be among the lucky recipients! See subs details elsewhere on this site)