see how few words you can use to share something revealing and also interesting about yourself, your mind, your life or how you work (unless it is all in your poems, of course).

Here is the latest cover:


On being an editor

There is something mystical about being a midwife at the birthing into the world of these stories

Maybe not doing God’s work, or the Lord Buddha’s exactly – maybe more doing the work of the universe in the spirit of belief in something beyond and above

Something we can’t quite grasp but sense, just as on first reading I sense a music in these elegiac poems and only later can see the subtle rhymes and then how the chimes and echoes between different poets’ pieces have somehow, magically and with no intention from me, put themselves together into a pattern.

Issue 88 is here!

OWP 88 picI see a hundred
lost policemen’s hats
bowling out
across the universe
along our rolling English roads
from Glastonbury
belly button of the known world
rolling out to Paris, to Prague,
to Rome, South Africa,
to poor benighted USA –
blown along on a wind of words
& inclusivity.
A hundred puzzled readers
searching for the story.

Obsessed With Pipework 88 is on its way . . .

. . . to the printers any day now.
These are the poets whose work will be represented:

Graham Allison
Martin Bennett
Penny Blackburn
Aaliyah Cassim
Paul Connolly
Hélène Demetriades
Robert Etty
Richard Foreman
Alice Harrison
Jean Harrison
Mary Hastilow
Jonathan Humble
Paul Jeffcutt
Ruth Kelsey
Peter LoBianco
Ayelet McKenzie
John McKeown
Tristan Moss
Miriam Patrick
Donna Pucciani
Chris Rice
Mat Riches
Marg Roberts
Diane Sanders
Penny Sharman
Sarah Tait
Merryn Williams