Obsessed number 92 news

NOVEMBER’S OWP 92 is in the hands of St Andrews Press & should start hitting doormats without much more delay. Here is the contents list:

Stephen Bone: Change of Season; Kitty Coles: Nixie, Touched; Peter Datyner: Idle Hands, The Better Proof; Andy Eycott: Fire in a field, Illusion of sleep; Jackie Fellague: Rites of Passage; Mary Hastilow: Cider Barn; Tony Hendry: Going Wild in Wistman’s Wood, Lump; Jenny Hockey: Tea Time, The danger, When did you last see your father?;Heather Hughes: A Camera Flashing in the Sky, What do the Clouds See?; Chris Jackson: Seagull Caught in Shop-Window; Sue Kindon: Autumn term, The Law of Looking-glass; Annie Kissack: At the Bedroom Window, Capital Letters, Gone in F Minor; D S Maolalaí: Oil; Mark A Murphy: Snowfall in June; Christopher Nield: Image; Robert Nisbet: Carving;Miranda Preston: Dave, Hitchcock, The Man Who Knew Too Much;Donna Pucciani: Calico Twins, Dear Voltaire, How to Live, Remembering the Music, Wing; Chris Rice: Lunar Artistry; Chris Sewart; In Film; Penny Sharman: Lane with no Name, Leaving, Llabadrig Church; Geraldine Stoneham: Class, Night Work, Thoughts on choosing handles in IKEA; Paul Waring: Proverbially Unfinished, The One About Flying; June Wentland: Urban Wodwo; Roddy Williams: Perishables, Postcard to Romania, Rhyl.