May “Obsessed with Pipework” contents & cover art

C M Buckland: Second planet

Alison Cohen: Between the segments of an orange; Hair was being brushed

Sally Dalglish: Bullock feed; My beloved English country again

Sarah Davies: Door; Falling; The funerals; The English border​

Holly Day: Cerulean warbler; Snow; Talking in circles; ​The guardians

Paul Fenn: Space camp​

Atma Frans: Italian sandals

Pam Gormally: Drystone wall; Honesty; Jigsaw

Jenny Hockey: Gift; Instead of a bus;Saturday night 

Eve Jackson: Loose; Unwrapped

Sue Kauth: Compost for beginners; Kitchen in sun; Stones

Mark Mansfield: Mirogoj

Gill McEvoy: Guerilla planting​

Jennifer A McGowan: Butterfly effect; Pride of place; Rising

Raymond Miller; Journey

Pat Morgan: Painting Tobias and the Angel

Charlotte Oakeby: winter’s sister

Miriam Patrick: Mrs Wise; West Pier

Agnes Read: Did you? ; Hare

Marg Roberts: a humbling

Mark Sorrell: East Harling church

Geraldine Stoneham: Funeral; Missing at the feast; Perpetual motio

Wes Viola: In my dreams, I have sympathy for Boris Johnson

Rod Whitworth: Tune into the strangest spring;

Simon Wilson: One perfect lime; The woman in the photograph
Roy Young: An Eclipse; Ordinary Things

. . . and here is the cover illustration “Tobias and the Angel” by Pat Morgan: