Bring Back An Elephant – straight from the press!


We’re excited to reveal the first pics of the new Flarestack title, Judy Tweddle’s elegant poemella (poems+novella), available with a new or current subscription of our quarterly poetry magazine Obsessed With Pipework, or £4.

Bring Back An Elephant by Judy Tweddle is a foursome reel, a gorgeous collage of individual poems connected by a persuasive narrative imbued with wisdom: Lawrence can’t paint but runs an art gallery; Elizabeth can and captures his heart. Beryl pieces things together and enjoys spreadsheets. Miriam finds her way as she goes blind. There is a stone elephant from Mahabalipuram. Two, in fact.

Having sorted through a lifetime of photographs, Judy Tweddle cut a circle from the ones she liked best and framed them. She found the resonances and juxtapositions pleasing. She realised that the same principle could work with her novel in progress.  It is a tale of loss, perseverance, and loyalty. With dancing.  

To buy your copy for £4:  go to or use account name Mr C H Johnson & the reference: Alternatively, make a BACS payment/credit transfer to Flarestack Publishing Starling Bank account 60-83-71 34031111.

Or subscribe to Obsessed With Pipework for £15 (£4.50 per issue) and get Bring Back An Elephant + 4 issues of poetry full of strangeness and charm.

UK pp is free, standard international costs apply to postage outside the UK.