Issue number 96 of Obsessed With Pipework magazine is about, just in time for November: a fortuitous coming together of unexpected poems about – being black and white; doing God’s work driving an imaginary double-decker and elsewhere; fleeing tennis on the Underground; being naked. Poets here are delivering pizza; trying not to drown; trying to drown a parent; finding themselves; losing themselves; becoming a boat; becoming a snail . . . and much more that I can’t find better words to describe than the poets’ own. Read them and become both wonderfully entertained and more deeply human.

Don’t forget: if you subscribe to OWP at the moment (£15 for a year’s four issues to a UK address – email for details) you will receive as a free bonus Judy Tweddle’s new pamphlet ‘Bring Back an Elephant’

Here’s the contents list

Emily Barker – Portrait of girl and horse; Tulip bulb soup. Val Binney – Boats in the Night. Stephen Bone – Grandmother. Beth Brooke – The Bees of Notre Dame; Vestiges. Alexandra Corrin-Tachibana – Clarty, New Year’s Eve 2020; Home; In my King-Size Oak Furnitureland; Bed at 2.27 a.m; Something Happened. Hélène Demetriades – Whitegates (I). Maurice Devitt – The Magic of Wood. Tim Dooley – An Old Tale. Helen Evans – Immortal. ;David Goldstein – God Slot In this world . . . ; In time. Tanni Haas – After the Funeral. David Harmer – That afternoon we found ourselves abandoned. Robin Helweg-Larsen – Hunting. Susan Holland – Drying Green. Liverworts of the Atlantic Rainforest. D R James – Only this, Just In. Ciaran McDermott – Left Turn at Kulgera Roadhouse. Cara L McKee – Sunflowers. Julie Maclean – Brides of Boogie; Right of Way; Second Amendment. Vicki Morley – Disappearance at Court 1609. Kerry Priest – Cursory Pastoral Rivelin Triptych; Slice of Life. Victoria Pugh – Declaration of love; Sitting in judgement; The spark. Geoff Sawers – Invisible City. Thea Smiley – Life. Sheila Spence – Sonata. Sue Spiers – Golden. John Tustin – Ragtime. Wes Viola – Atum; Leopard. Irene Watson – The Female Gaze. J S Watts – Hollow Man; Too Far Away. Roddy Williams – And there is the corner; Cold War Co-ops; Metamorphosis; The District Line.

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